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It’s the middle of the afternoon, you’re about to crash, but you know that you’ll go "cray" by drinking another cup of fully caffeinated coffee. We know how that goes. That’s why we blended something for days like this! Meet "Better Half," our newest “half the caff” blend.Your partner no longer has to be concerned that you won’t sleep at night. Your TypeA personality will only semi-scare them. You may still contemplate trying to solve all the world’s problems before bed but with half the caff, you’ll probably be asleep before you devise a full-blown plan. 

And P.S. We use Swiss Water process to decaffeinate our beans. That means no chemicals, only water washes away the caffeine.


  • Composition: 50% Colombian (Swiss water processed) Decaf & 50% Nicaraguan Medium (single origin / farm, mircrolot, specialty-grade coffee.

  • Roast Level: 3 out of 5 (1 being lightest roast, 5 being darkest roast)


    WE DO COFFEE WELL -The best cup of CRAFT COFFEE isn’t about what’s in it, but what isn’t. These coffee beans are organically grown, hand-picked, hand-washed, and sun-dried to provide coffee lovers with an exquisite natural flavor that is MOLD & MYOTOXIN FREE and ANTIOXIDANT RICH. All of our coffees are GLUTEN FREE, VEGAN, KETO, and PALEO FRIENDLY with ZERO SUGAR ADDED. Rest assured your coffee is NEVER OVER ROASTED. Well-Bean Coffee is proud to be in the TOP 3 PERCENT OF COFFEE IN THE WORLD. We use 100% ARABICA BEANS, and our specialty grade CRAFT COFFEE is roasted in small batches. This allows us to pay closer attention to every step of the roasting process. SMALL BATCH ROASTED means that we deliver the same unique flavor profiles over and over again so you can rest assured that you’ll receive the freshest, highest quality coffee every time. 
    FRESH IS BEST: Our well-thought-out bag design helps keep Well-Bean’s coffee fresh and makes it easy to store. All of our bags have a RESEALABLE ZIPPER on the back, a BLOCK BOTTOM so it won’t fall over, and a DEGASSING VALVE that helps to keep oxygen out without sacrificing the aroma and flavor of the coffee. 
    INSPIRING CHANGE - Well-Bean Coffee Roasters is a WOMAN-OWNED roastery. Our founder and CEO is among the LESS THAN 1 PERCENT of woman-owned coffee roasters in the country and she’s determined to change that. Our bold colors and relatable packaging is purposeful. Through a mutual love of coffee, we want to inspire other women to push boundaries without fear. We want them to be strong, bold, and stand out from the crowd. Our goal as a woman-owned roastery is to inspire inclusion and make the world a fairer and better place for all.  
    COFFEE THAT’S CHANGING LIVES - Well-Bean Coffee is committed to SUSTAINABLY SOURCED and DIRECTLY TRADED coffee initiatives. By working directly with our farmers, they receive up to 50 PERFECT MORE PROFIT. This puts more money back into the farms, high quality coffee in your cup and helps increase the quality of life for farmers and their workers. 
    ON A MISSION - You can rest assured that when you purchase Well-Bean that your coffee addiction is changing lives. EVERY PURCHASE GIVES BACK and helps to support health & wellness initiatives in Nicaragua through Well-Bean's partnership with New Song Mission. The goal is to bring medical and dental care to those in rural communities who are unable to travel to area hospitals and clinics. 

      PS. We only source “Swiss water processed” decaf beans.

      Our decaf is never decaffinated through chemical processing.

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      Los Angeles, CA

      Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers and to provide social proof.

      Author's name
      Los Angeles, CA

      Well-Bean Coffee was started to support health, wellness and spiritual initiatives in north-west Nicaragua.

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